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  I came across my passion for art about 13 years ago. Now on my 10th year tattooing   It has since enlightened my outlook on life and has instilled an inspiration that drives me to one-up my work on every tattoo and/or piece of art I create.   Though I get paid to do what I love, I'm not doing it for the money.  I'm doing it because I enjoy it and it's my passion      
   I take an enormous amount of pride in my work.   I'll do my best to make sure you leave 110% satisfied.  I am currently only taking on clients who can give me control of designing based off a loose concept or idea. The more freedom and trust with your artist is the best way to end up with a tattoo better then you had imagined.  



No cover-ups

No color

Nathan Hebert

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Vice and Virtue Tattoo 

910 E Cesar Chavez st

Austin Tx, 78702
cell   (512)383-6660          shop    (512)761-3226

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